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Windows Live Toolbar 3.01

Windows Live Toolbar is an add-on for I.E. that betters the browsing experience
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Windows Live Toolbar is an add-on for I.E. that betters the browsing experience. This application is a great example of where developers are headed. They are always trying to make browsing the main task of a computer user, and trying to help them stay on the browser for as long as possible - and they are doing a great job. This bar installs itself on you Internet Explorer browser and adds a lot of functionality that was otherwise M.I.A. The first feature that this application adds is the ability to start a search from any website that you might actually be browsing. So it all boils down to writing some text in the bar and hitting search, and you will be automatically taken to to see some results. This bar also makes your browser smarter. Every time that a phone number appears, a smart menu will be available that will let you use an external application to call that number from your PC. The same goes for addresses; if you see an address you can use it as a start point to set a route or just go straight to the map to see where it is. You can also add your own custom buttons to the bar and make it work just like you want.

José Fernández
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  • Great, useful smart menus
  • Built-in search
  • Custom buttons really help


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